Newly certified places are in RED on the printed Halaal Brochure.

Some places may have appeared in our previous brochure but are not included here. This may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • They may have breached the regulations of the DUHCTT and their certification was revoked. Information regarding this change would have been posted on our Website and Facebook page, as a result, the timing of the printing of this brochure would not have it included.
  • They may have closed down.
  • They may have changed ownership and/or name and would no longer desire to be halaal-certified.
  • The owner/s may believe that they are established as a halaal outlet and do not require a continuation of halal certification from the DUHCTT.

The DUHCTT cannot take responsibility for an outlet which was previously halaal-certified but is no longer on our list. It does not mean that such places no longer provide halaal goods and services, but the onus is now on the proprietor to provide information to consumers regarding their sources of halaal goods and materials.

The DUHCTT adheres to the highest international standards for halaal and only approves poultry and meats which are hand-slaughtered and not stunned. It must be noted that some halaal-certifying bodies recognise stunning and even mechanical slaughtering of animals. This would not be as per our halaal standards and would not be mentioned in this booklet.

Lists of approved products will not normally be repeated in subsequent issues of the brochure until they are updated. Therefore please keep the current information.

The End-Date of Certification can be found after the address of the outlet e.g. (19th Mar. 2021). Please be aware of these when you are purchasing and feel free to contact us if anyone has an expired certificate.