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Halaal Alerts

The following products and information shows the latest Halaal Updates and Alerts by the Darul Uloom Halaal Committee Trinidad & Tobago. 31st May, 2024 31st May, 2024 31st May, 2024


The following Snacks are approved:

Whey / Protein

The following Whey / Proteins are approved:

Ice Creams

The following Ice Creams are approved. However, many brands may have flavours which are not halaal. Therefore, be careful of the following ingredients: Gelatin Carmine Alcohol Vanilla Extract Dairy Queen


The following Yogurts are permissible. However, for each brand there may be flavours with non-permissible ingredients. Please be careful about the following ingredients: Gelatin Carmine Vanilla Extract Dannon Yoplait La


Please note these companies may add varieties of their cheeses from time to time. Please read the ingredients and ensure there is no alcohol, carmine and gelatine in your choice.

Processed Meats

The following are the processed meats presently approved: Please note:Great Foods and Saara processed meat products are NOT approved halaal under the DUHCTT. There are no brands of Vienna Sausages

Mario’s Pizza

Sun Plaza Branch Only, off Munroe Road Flyover East, Charlieville. The following items are halaal to consume at these outlets: Please Note: The turkey bacon, beef and beef burgers are

Burger King

Only the Fried Chicken on the bone and Fries are halaal at the following outlets: